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Decennial and Civil Liability


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1.1.1 Site editor

9, rue du 4 Septembre
75002 Paris
Email : raphael.ajamian@gmail.com
RCS 893 473 736 PARIS - Siret : 89347373600013 - APE : en attente
Orias n° : 21 003 766

1.1.2 Conditions for use

The site is accessible through the following URL: www.decenal-seguros-francia.com and is run in a manner that complies with French legislature. Use of this site is regulated by the following general conditions. By using the site, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the conditions. Conditions may be modified at any moment and without notification by DCF COURTAGE. 
DCF COURTAGE is not responsible for any incorrect use of this service.

1.1.3 Editorial manager

E-mail: raphael.ajamian@gmail.com

1.2 Limitation of liability

The information provided on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge and the site is regularly updated. However, there may be incorrect information, omissions, or shortcomings. If you notice a shortcoming or error that appears to be a site malfunction, please inform us by e-mail, describing the problem as precisely as possible (page causing the problem, action that triggers malfunction, type of computer and navigator used…).

All content is downloaded at the user’s sole risk and responsibility. DCF COURTAGE is not responsible for any damage to the user’s computer or any data loss following the download.  

Photographs are not contractual.  

Hyperlinks on the current internet site leading to other internet resources are not the responsibility of DCF COURTAGE.

1.3 Litigation

Conditions are regulated by French laws and any dispute or litigation stemming from the interpretation of these laws will be handled by the court responsible for DCF COURTAGE headquarters. In the case of litigation settlement, the language of reference will be French.

1.4.1 Declaration to the CNIL

In accordance with the January 6, 1978 78-17 law (modified by law 2004-801 on August 6, 2004 relative to the protection of physical persons with regard to processing personal information) relative to computing, files, and freedoms, the site was the subject of a declaration to the Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (www.cnil.fr). Filed under number

1.4.2 Right of access

In application of this law, internet users have a right to access, correct, modify, and delete personal information. This right may be exercised by mail to DCF COURTAGE -  9, rue du 4 Septembre 75002 Paris or by e-mail to: raphael.ajamian@gmail.com.
Personal information collected is never given to third parties except when necessary to provide the service requested by the internet user.

1.4.3 Purpose

Information gathered through various forms is in accordance with Data Protection and Privacy Act. Unless otherwise indicated, all information provided is optional. Leaving a space blank will not cause any particular effect. However, you must provide enough information for us to be able to provide the requested service. Data is compiled for the purpose of establishing commercial statistics.  
Under law no. 2000-719 dated August 1, 2000; the address declared by the purchaser may be communicated to legal authorities upon requisitioning.

1.4.4 Confidentiality

Your personal information is confidential and will not be shared with third parties except when necessary to provide the requested service.

1.5 Intellectual property

All content on this site, including, but not limited to, graphics, images, text, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs, and icons as well as their layout, belongs exclusively to DCF COURTAGE, with the exception of brands, logos, or content belonging to other companies, partners, or authors.  
Any reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, retransmission, or publication, in whole or in part, of these elements is strictly prohibited without express written consent from DCF COURTAGE. Representation or reproduction, by any method, is a violation of articles L 3335-2 and following of the intellectual property code. Failure to comply with this restriction is an act of piracy that may cause civil or penal action to be taken against the offender. The owners of the copied Content may take legal action against you.  

DCF COURTAGE is also the owner of the database producer laws discussed in Book III, Title IV of the intellectual property code (law no. 98-536 dated July 1, 1998) regarding author rights and databases.

Site users and visitors may place a hyperlink leading to this site, but only to the home page, accessible at: www.decenal-seguros-francia.com, on the condition that the link opens in a separate window. Links towards sub pages (“deep links”) are prohibited, as well as opening the site in a previous window (“framing”), except with explicit and prior written authorization of DCF COURTAGE. 

All requests for authorization or information should be sent by e-mail to raphael.ajamian@gmail.com. Specific conditions exist for the press.

Our website uses visuals we acquired the rights to use

1.6 Brands

The site accessible by the following URL: www.decenal-seguros-francia.com is a DCF COURTAGE brand. Brands are registered brands and the exclusive property of DCF COURTAGE.
All other product or company names mentioned on this site are the brands of their respective holders.
We remind you that using similar domain names as the preceding brands (“typo-squatting) or reproduction of meta-tags (“position-squatting”) or the use of brands in the meta-tags is punishable by law.

1.7 Coordinates of the Technical Operator

Website creation and management platform
service conditions

2.1 Configuration

For optimized use of this service, we recommend that you have:

  • A random access memory (RAM) of 256 megabytes or more,
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  • A browser supporting XHTML 1 and CSS standards (e.g. Internet Explorer 6 and FireFox 1),
  • For correct use your browser must support JavaScript.

2.2 Information and exclusion

DCF COURTAGE uses all tools at their disposal to ensure that information is reliable and regularly updated. However, errors or omissions may exist. The internet user should verify the accuracy of information with DCF COURTAGE, and signal any changes to the site that they believe would be useful. DCF COURTAGE is in no way responsible for use of information provided or for any direct or indirect damage caused as a result.

2.3 Cookies

This site uses cookies for statistical and display purposes. Cookies are small textual files stored on your hard drive to record technical data regarding your internet navigation. Some portions of this site may not be accessible without the acceptance of cookies.

2.4 Hypertext Links

The DCF COURTAGE website may provide links to other websites or available internet resources.

DCF COURTAGE does not control the sites connected to their site. DCF COURTAGE is neither responsible for, nor guarantees the availability of such sites or external resources. They cannot be held responsible for damage of any nature caused by the content of these sites or external resources, nor of the information, products, or services that they provide, nor of any use that may be made of these elements. The internet user is fully responsible for all risks related to use. The internet user must comply with conditions of use.  

Users, subscribers, and visitors on the DCF COURTAGE website are not permitted to set up a hyperlink towards this site without express previous written consent from DCF COURTAGE. 

In the event that a user or visitor wishes to set up a hyperlink towards the DCF COURTAGE website, they must write to the e-mail address provided on the site to request permission. DCF COURTAGE reserves the right to accept or deny hyperlinks without explanation.

2.5 Search

A link to a separate site in order to find information does not signify in any way that DCF COURTAGE recognizes or accepts any responsibility for the content or use of the aforementioned site.

2.6 Precautions

It is the user’s responsibility to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the sites chosen do not contain errors or destructive elements such as viruses, trojans, etc…

2.7 Responsibility

No guarantee is given to the customer. It is the customer’s obligation to clearly formulate their requirements and inform themselves. If any information provided by DCF COURTAGE appears inexact, it is the customer’s responsibility to verify the coherence and plausibility of the information. DCF COURTAGE is in no way responsible for the use of information by the customer or the shortcomings of any of their products, including the website.

2.8 Contact Us

DCF COURTAGE is at your disposal for any comments or suggestions. You can e-mail us in French at raphael.ajamian@gmail.com.